Month: April 2014

Your Customer is in the Driving Seat….Join them on their Drive

Easy access to data & technology – puts your customer firmly in the driving seat. Your customer now makes decisions based on:
1. Online Reviews
2. Online Ratings
3. Social Media
And it’s Customer Analytics that can drive & enhance your customers’ experience by:
1. Providing insights about your customers.
2. Scoring your customers based on their buying behaviour, online discussions, likes & dislikes.
3. Making targeted recommendations to individual customers instead of Mass Marketing.
4. Providing opportunity for Proactive, Innovative Decision Making

Customer Analytics is the key to improving your customers’ experience with you. And, to enhance your customers’ experience with you, it starts with data!

Customer Analytics is essentially concerned with analyzing data and requires statistical analysis, data mining applications & machine learning algorithms.
By focusing on specific enhancements for your customers’ experience with you, you need to get the right people involved & use only the relevant data.
You also need to ensure your organisation has an online voice, promoting community conversations & keeping your customers engaged.
To keep your customers engaged, you need to provide them with some interesting information & knowledge about your products and services.

Analyse what customers are saying about your products & services. Derive actionable insights from you social media data & creatively decide to ‘WOW’ your
customer & allow your customer to enjoy their experience with you. Measure the impact!

Grow your customer base & strive for real time service, to keep them coming back for more!