About Me

I am passionate about ‘making sense of data’. Currently, Head of the Business Analytics Practice at the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore. I am teaching ‘Customer Analytics’, Predictive Analytics’ and ‘Statistics for Business’. Enjoy doing research & consulting.

I am writing this blog to enhance the understanding of:
What is Business Analytics?
What is Business Intelligence?
What is Statistical Analysis?
What is the difference between Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Statistical Analysis.
What are the Challenges in Business Analytics?
What are the Emerging Trends in Business Analytics

I hope to answer any questions that are asked in this area and in this way improve the awareness and understanding of Business Analytics and how it can improve Business Decision Making and ROI.

Please let me know any challenges you are experiencing in Business Analytics and help increase the discussion in this important area.

One comment

  1. Good read on the 7 STEP process. I will look into the site further to see your point of views.
    Currently working on Masters @ Texas A&M Industrial Distribution ( MID)- Lawrence- Jennings)
    Visiting Sing. Oct. 6-17th -2015 as part of the MID program.



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